Has she lost feelings for me? Online dating sort of situation?

Ok so a couple months back, I met a girl on here actually who I really really liked and we had a strong connection and had so much in common. She just seemed to be the match in heaven for me but we lived so far appart (she's American and I'm Canadian) but she still made me promise to never leave her which I did and we both agreed to some how try to made it work and maybe someday meet up. We didn't go any farther then texting each other love notes and cute good night messages on here. About a month and a half back, we didn't talk for several days then she messaged me saying sorry I've been busy and then we would start talking and go back to our normal routine. A few weeks later, we weren't really talking as much like we would send a few messages a day and that's it. So now it's been 2 weeks since we last talked and our last messages were her telling me she missed me, me telling her it's ok and then the next day I said hi, she said hi sorry if I've been distant and it tell her it's ok and that I understand. Later that night I send her an ily text and we haven't messaged eachother since but a couple times we shared opinions on eachothers questions. So do you think she has just been busy or has she just interest. Please no rude comments as it'll make me feel more sad (i cried myself to sleep last night) I just want to know your thoughts.
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  • Ummm it's really hard to tell , i'm in the same situation myself and the guy is acting like your girl lol so i'm crying myself to sleep too i have no idea why they are acting like this but maybe busy with their life? It's all about priorities you know.. if she really cares she will find time to text you and you can arrenge a day to meet maybe not next month maybe not this year maybe next year or so
    Good luck !

    • Aww thank you😊
      tbh my therapist said the same so I don't know I hope some day she'll message me back as I am super lonely but if she doesn't I hope I can find someone someday. But I won't cut her off, I'll leave the window open for her just in case. I really miss her tbh and the other night I dreamed of her and it made me so sad.

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    • Well i don't really like abs and muscles lol just if the guy is fit that's enough
      And about your future you gotta think of what you love the most and enjoy and do it
      It's not hard you just need to know yourself what you love and what you hate and so on
      I wish you good luck !

    • Ok I guess I am fit (im not flat chested stomach still sticks out but my parents think I am skin and bones and worry I'll be hospitalized if I try to lose more weight to look like the flat chested guys with abs that girl so crazy for). But I just really hope a girl will some sooner rather than later that'll love me for who I am because I get depressed a lot nowadays and i worry so much about my weight. Like when I gain weight 😮 I sort of panic and don't eat as much as I should which my parents hate. So many up and down mood swings for me as well. And with my future thank you! I hope I find out soon enough what I like because I just worry that I'm practically 18 and still I don't know what Ill be doing this fall. Probably one last coop course in secondary to give me a bit more time to decide as well as going to a workplace in a career I have an interest in but havnt planned any of that yet with guidance. Another thing I really worry about is having a job that bores me or worse.

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  • I had the same thing happen to me about a year ago and I honestly thought this guy was the love of my life but honestly she's lost interest and obviously doesn't even care enough to put any effort into it. It would be best if you ended things and cut her off completely. I know it's hard, but trust me it's not worth the emotional stress to you rn and in a couple of months you'll look back and be so happy you did

    • I see your point and as much as I think it'll really help, I just can't cut her off because she dose get upset/suicidal a lot so I worry that if I do that she might end up hurting herself which I do not want to happen because she is such a gorgeous girl and I want her to be happy.
      I was thinking about sending her a message on here in a long paragraph first asking her if she still feels the same way and to be honest because I will understand if she dosent, and then tell her I will never ever hurt her so she can trust me and tell me exactly how she feels, tell her I want her to be happy so if she is no longer interested I'm ok because i want her to be happy and not feel she is stuck in an unhappy relationship and finally telling her that I am still willing to be her friend and I'll always be there for her if she ever needs help or someone to talk to (as I said earlier, she has sort of lived a rough childhood).

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    • boy i feel you, im the same way but you gotta think of yourself in this situation

    • So she actually messaged me last night for the first time in like 2 weeks saying that she was sorry for everything (as she was feeling pretty low about herself) and she talked about how she is having some conflicts right now with her family. in the end of her long paragraph she said she still loves me and that she understands if I hate her. I didn't get the message until this morning but when I did I texted her a long paragraph back telling her it's ok and that I just thought she was busy, I told her that I'll never hate her, I'll always be here for her and in the end I told her that I loved her and want to be hers forever. So what do you think now?

  • Yeah probably


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