Guys, im super confused, why would he act like this if he weren’t attracted or interested?

long story short, i have a big crush on this guy i use to work with and i use to look at him all the time, like staring. He obviously noticed and he responded by staring back at me, later on i even started to notice him staring at me when i wasn’t looking at him, and everytime i catched him doing it he would turn away really fast or hold my gaze.
my friend told him that i like him, he then said ”i have a girlfriend and i don’t want to cheat on her” why even say that? It’s not like anyone said that he should cheat?
but still after that he continued to lock eyes with me all the time, i added him on facebook and no response, i don’t work with him anymore but i actually saw him at the train station (we had not seen eachother for a month) but still when he saw me he didn’t take his eyes off me until the train came, i then wrote him a message but no reply, that was 3 months ago.
my friend even texted him like 3 weeks ago asking why he doesn’t respond to me but he didn’t reply to her either... At first i was 100% sure that he was into me based on how he was acting twoards me but now i have no idéa
im not gonna contact him anymore but still i wonder what he could have been thinking


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  • He could simply be really into you as well and desperately trying to stay faithful to his girl. Maybe he has religious beliefs which require him to stay with his girl. Or maybe he doesn't want to deal with the break up, or loves her still.
    Whatever the case my advice is to try and forget him. It is obvious he is trying really hard despite himself. Don't tempt him into doing something he will regret if he wants to try he will approach you.
    Good luck I hope things work out with whatever happens

    • So you think that is why he’s not replying to my message? Because he’s into me as well and doesn’t want to cheat? Cause i honestly feel like it’s kind of weird that he doesn’t at least reply, you know just saying ”i have a girl, i can’t talk to you” that is not wrong if he did that

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    • But do you think it’s worth trying more? I mean do you actually think he likes me even tho he has been ignoring my messages?

    • Personally I wouldn't but the heart wants what the heart wants
      Its your choice but I'd say its time to move on and leave him with his girl friend

  • Maybe he didn't want to leave his girlfriend.

    It's not worth thinking about, just one random interaction in your life you may never know, don't dwell on it just think of the future.

    • I know it’s not, but im just trying to figure out if im crazy for thinking that he was into me? I feel like i have no idea how to read guys because of him

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    • *shouldnt

    • Im not...

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