Girl at work is it worth it?

Not my work. She works for another company but I'm in their daily doing deliveries and talking/winding her up. Now I'm not sure if she's even single or if it's worth making things awkward etc, I mean we get on great and both never leave without a big smile on our faces... even when I have a bad day she cheers me up.. ayby she's just being nice... mayby I'm wrong... help


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  • I think itโ€™s all good. As long as she is not your boss or you are not hers. If you like her why not try ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • She is the manager of the company I deliver to but not the same one I work for. Just dunno how I'd go about finding out if she's single or not without making it weird if she isn't single or whatnot.

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    • Well to be honest , they probably will tell her. Maybe find her Facebook or Instagram account and find out from there? You can track her in social media through your other colleagues profiles

    • Already had a nosey. Can't find anything on fb

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