Young guy in love with an older women?

Hey girls would you date a guy who is younger the you? but he loves you like no other person and could possibly die for you... The age gap is 8 to 10YO younger


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  • No I don't think so concidering of the age gap was 10 years, I'd be dating a 6 year old. I think that's wayyyy to big of an age gap personally because If I think about it: when I'm 26, they'd be 16. When I'm 36, they'd be 26

    • she's 25 so its 10 years of age gap my girl friends say i should i give up but i can't

    • Yeah that prob not going to happen, I'm sorry 😭
      Unless she likes guys hella younger than she is

    • Your just like my friends😁but thanks for the opinion all keep that in mind

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