Are dating sites actually better?

Do y'all feel like dating sites actually work?
I've been woundering about this for years and never got a good answer on it so I'm curious to see what y'all have to say about it.


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  • Yep I believe they do! I met my boyfriend on them 😊

  • It’s what fits your cup of tea.

    I have met only one person of a dating site but I do not like it and dot use it.

    Firstly because I am not shy enough to get close to a girl.

    Secondly because over message things are logical and no emotion is involved.

    Any guy or girl can say anything over text, you can have 20 mins to write a perfect response. But in real life you have a few seconds and your done. Also Someone saying something brave over message may say it really awkwardly over the message.

    That’s why I prefer to have a phone call with the person first to hear her voice. Her emotions, her reactions. Whether she’s bullshitting or real.

    In real life I can see through that.

    But if you’re shy of course dating sites are a bit better


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