I love two people, how do I choose?

I have a boyfriend who I love, that relaxed kind of love you get when you've been with someone for a long time, he's like my best friend. Secondly I've met someone else who I've become infatuated with and actually think I'm in love with. Now I don't want to lose my boyfriend, but on the other hand I love this new person and I want him in my life. I know my boyfriend would forbid me to be friends with him if he knew, because I met him online. So I have to choose between them. They're both wonderful people and I love them for different reasons, mainly I love this new guy because he's romantic and gives me lots of attention which I'm not getting from my boyfriend anymore, but I'm sure Id still want him in my life even if we were just friends...because I love him. I have tried to tell my boyfriend how I feel, that I need more attention from him but it doesn't make any difference, he's too busy with his hobbies and his career to change and he's not really excited about me anymore. I can't get this new person out of my mind, what should I do? How do I forget him? or do I leave my boyfriend and risk everything?


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  • make a list of pros and cons between the 2...put that list aside...come up with a list of your top 3 must haves and don't(s)...compare both lists...the one that has the closest to all 3 must haves will be your best option, but remember any or both with any of the don't(s) is a walkaway


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