How do I ask her to hang out? Urgent help

Hey. Some of you may have read my other post about my Ex girlfriend so you'll know where we stand. Things have got even better lately,

we are past the awkward ex stage and are comfortable around each other although we don't talk very much at all but I'm at the point where I'm more than ready to hang out just us 2 but I don't know how to bring it up.

We've only spent time together in groups so far but I want to see if we can reignite a spark and start a new, different relationship. Signals from her are still strong and mates tell me on nights out in groups, she looks interested in me.

I go round her uni house a lot because of mutual friends so do I pull her aside and ask her if she wants to hang out or do I text her asking? Do I do something plain and easy like a drink somewhere or do I do something fun and memorable that will get her thinking?

Im seriously stuck for ideas of what to do just the 2 of us and how to bring it up, tonight could be a good night to do something!

Thanks people :)!


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  • Don't ask her through text. You can text her and ask if she can come meet you somewhere, lets say in the back yard and then you ask. Go for a sandwich , drinks. don't do anything too romantic yet she might get pushed away. I don't think a movie is good. I think you need to be somewhere where you can maintain eye contact and TALK to her. but don't talk about getting back together yet on that first "date" just make her laugh and have a good time. And let the feelings flow naturally. work yourself towards a second date. Depending on how the vibe is then you can start bringing up stuff.

    Wish you luck


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  • Hmm... I guess next time you're over, just pull her aside and see if she wants to go see a movie with you or something (if you're trying to make your relationship different this time, don't do the same stuff as last time.) DONT text ask her! It makes you look like a coward and it feels so much better when the guy asks you in person! Good luck! :)


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