Is this how exes act?

Okay, this girl isn't an ex. I've never had a girlfriend, but she was as close to one as I've had. I met her in class, we talked a lot, that evolved into texting/talking on the phone a lot, that evolved into going on a couple of dates. Then, when classes were over, she stopped hanging out then stopped talking to me altogether. I tried re-initiating with her after couple months, but to no avail. At that point, she just ignored me or wouldn't get back to me.

Six months after that, she got into the same grad school as me. She texted me saying she'd see me there at orientation. I didn't see her for about half the day and when I finally saw her, she was walking with her friend. As they approached me, she looked up, looked at me in the face without smiling, then looked away and kept walking. That was it. I even gave a half-smile but she didn't even give me that. Then I never talked to her again.

I don't get it. We weren't together. We didn't stop talking in bad terms. She's the one who stopped talking to me and stopped hanging out. And when I saw her, that's what she did.

The coldness of it bothers me. And the indifference she showed after that does, too.

I'm completely puzzled by these actions. Should I just let it not get on my nerves?


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  • Yes, that's how they act.

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