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Hi there everybody I need an opinion on the following matter.
Almost 5 years ago I had the chance to kiss the girl of my dreams, but I blew it because I was a dumbass, it took me 2 years to realize my mistake but by that time she has on the other side of the country with another guy.
Flashforward to the start of January when get back in touch with her to find she is single.
Now the reason for the question, in the last year my IBS has started to act up (before answering look it up, nasty stuff I wish doesn't happen to anybody), besides that I talk to her from time to time, for a couple of days she blows off steam about her life, we have a laugh, talk about this and that and then dead silent on her part.
So do say what would you do in my place, thanks for listening.
P. S Can't even look at other girls without her popping in my mind.


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  • just keep talking to her and forming a relationship with her as friends and let things just evolve from there. Maybe you'll have a chance to meet up with each other again. there is a reason why you both reconnected so hold onto that. Just take things slow and explore!

    • I see your point, but I'm afraid that she might get tired of me and my IBS. Even the thought of meeting her might provoke an attack.
      But still thanks again

    • Honestly I get where you're afraid but its a risk you have to take to be in a relationship. She could be really supportive and understand of your situation. Anyone who holds it against you, you honestly should even be with honestly. No problem and best wishes!

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