girlfriend got fiesty with me when I was w/her family?

We are always flirty with each other. But yesterday when I was hanging with her and her family it felt like she turned it up a noch. Her sarcasm had just a bit more fiestyness under it. I could tell she was acting a little different, but why? (it was not a bad thing)

We are serious. And was my 3rd time with her family..


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  • Maybe she did it to see how you would react while you were in the presence of her family. As a test.

    • hmmm interesting. could be. what sort of reaction did she want to get if that was the case?

    • Maybe she wasn't really expecting a reaction specifically. Maybe she wanted to see how well you can hold yourself back in front of her family while she is teasing you with fiesty talk. To see if you'd still get turned on from that in front of her family and how well you'd be able to hide it

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