Answer seriously plz?

So before when was still dating my ex, she told me she wanted to lose her virginity to someone she trusted ( meaning me) before graduating from high school and so I was like sh*t cuase we've been friends since I started middle school and on that same year we dated and broke up for a whole year and a half till like 5 months ago we started dating again and then broke up 2 days before winter break but during the 5 months she brought that ( wanting to lose her virginity to me) up and well then now like 2weeks ago she wanted to get back with me and so I'm like damn cuase I still have feelings for her, but that's besides the point, point is she wanted have sex and I didn't know what to think of it or what the think of it now that we're potentially getting back together, any thoughts?


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  • I think you should definitely wait a little bit later in life before you start thinking about having sex. You need to be 100% sure you want this, and it could have a lot of backlash if you were to do It now when you're still very young, and don't know exactly what you want in life.

    • Ik but that what she wanted for like 11th grade or senior year of high school

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