Trust issues or is something going on?

So let me start of by saying I'm quiet a sensitive guy. Like I tend to read body laungage and eyes more then a lot of people.

Anyway I've recently got out of a 7 year on /off relationship. She kept cheating and lying behind my back and i found out months later, so i ended our relationship 3 months ago.
I know it may seem to quick to move on... but long story short I've been seeing this other girl (after a few rebound girls). We have started dating for about 3 weeks now and I've got strong feelings for her. She has a house with a housemate (a dude) and she doesn't have a good income to support a house. Every time I've seen her we have slept together (even on TOM).

Last night we where watching a movie and she wanted a massarge but she said without sex. I've also noticed her being a bit less affectionate before that too.
Anyway i woke up this morning with bad thoughts running through my head like... *what if her house mate is paying for sex so she can get by and she owes him? * then i think she likes me and she has said she wants a future together and I do too.
But these feelings i get when i have these thoughts running through my head make me feel sick in the stomach. Any advice? Has anyone experienced something similar?


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  • This is the mostake that most of the guys do. Playing Hard- The good ol' technique to make a girl attracted to you but dude maybe it's not that good. Unlike guys, playing hard is a turn-off for most of the girls. They like a guy with self respect, not the one with false ego. Moreover, tbh I don't think that you should play mind games when it comes to a relationship

    • I dont mined her not wanting to play hard but the last 3 weeks she is the one that wanted to play hard. I just find it weird that all of a sudden she stopped wanting to. And yeah thinking to hard sometimes is a weakness of mine.

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  • Don't assume anything just yet. Continue your relationship, but keep an eye out for any red flags.

    • Cheers i just hope that me not just looking for red flags but expecting red flags doesn't affect our relationship.

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  • Could be just getting flash backs from your old relationship. Just cause she put out most nights don't mean she puts out every night and besides she could of been on her period

    • Yeah but I've already slept with her while on her period. But I hope its just bad feelings from my last relationship.

    • She also could of just had a bad day and just wanted a message. I wouldn't worry about one bad night.

    • Cheers mate makes me feel better :)

  • If you feel things in your gut, always believe it. Follow what your gut tells you

    • I know a lot of people say that but how do i know if my guy feeling is real because of my past 7 year relationship. I dont know if i should or not

    • I know but, still you can still trust it

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