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Dumbass needs advice?

So I have a good group of friends. One in particular is very attractive, divorced with two kids. I like her and her kids are awesome! Im a dumbass when it comes to dating, I picked up a book on mating intelligence and I still don't get it! Last night my friend was talking to her sister and her fiancie about dating someone he knew. The one im interested in said that he was not her type. So she described what she was looking for and like a dumbass in a way I thought she was describing myself a little. To me when we been hanging out she seems more lately she has been putting herself were I can see her and getting more close to me. What the hell should I do ask her out? Nothing? I dont want to ruin the friendship and make it awkward between everybody. While we were all talking we all shared ideas on what a good first date was and what wasn't, that their needs to be communication and help each other become better people, and the kids have to like the guy to. I understand her situation completely because I was raised by a single mother and told her in the past that I understood her situation but she just blew it off. Any help for a dumbass would be great and much appreciated, Thanks
Dumbass needs advice?
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