Why does this guy stare at me whenever I talk to other guys?

He works on the street next to me. I literally can feel his big blue eyes staring I'm the corner of my eye and when I turn he' there looking. From afar, from his car.

These are male clients by the way- landlords and tenants and be knows I am an estate agent. He stares at me and not them and just the eyes. Any reason Why?


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  • Have you ever talked to him, do you know each other at all? I mean, if he's just sitting there staring at you, that's kinda odd. There's not really much to go on here, but he might be interested in you and too nervous to approach you at all. Either that or he's just a weirdo, and you might wanna tell him to bugger off.

    • My boss talks to him now and then. This guy is a mechanic he's super good looking but I never stare at him. I've caught him staring at me on numerous occasions I could say hi but I'm shy as it's not work related. When it comes to speaking to men through work I'm fine.

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    • Do you think he likes me based on his staring?

    • I have a huge crush on this mechanic. Some wires have come completely loose from below my steering wheel. My boss went over to him (he works a street away from me) and asked him to have a look. He said he could do it in the morning first thing but I use my car a lot for work (estate agent) I'm defnitley free for 2 hours at 12pm tomorrow as I have lots of meetings to do in office and mechanic said to bring it in then.

      Do you think he's just a really nice guy or he's not very busy?

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