Guys, my crush liked my Instagram Pictures and then stoped like I mean a lot of them. and then just went ghost why?

Okay so I like this guy for a couple months but we known each other for years now but this is the first time we started to really talk and get close but why did he just suddenly stop liking them. its been almost a week since the last time but we still talk everyday.


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  • So you would wonder and ask questions like you are now. This if he isn't like anyone else's pictures. I would assume this dude is aiming for something long term with you

    • But he gives me so many different signals like one day he seems interested and then another day he just acts like he is but doesn't want to go any further n its just irritating as hell right now

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    • he's a super shy guy he never really talks to girls but yet he did text me last night saying that he feels comfortable with talking to me and he has told me stuff his friends don't even know

    • I can't help you sorry, I'm not used to beta males games.

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