You find your boyfriend acting suspiciously with your girlfriends and investigate?

So you have noticed over the last few months that your boyfriend has been acting suspiciously with your girlfriends, you see him talking to them and when you come they go quiet, and you ask them what they talking about but they say nothing. You see him checking his phone more and hear messages come through and you ask him what who it is and he says its nothing, or you see who its from but he says things like " oh she was just asking what that place was called again where we all went dinner etc".

Its getting on your nerves so one day he left his phone unlocked as busting to go toilet, or something else. You decide to check his phone and you find out that he has been organizing a proposal for you and talking to your friends how to do it and coordinating it, you find out where he is going to do it, how he's going to do it and when. What would you do then?

Also up to this point there has been tension between you two, mainly yourside as you think he's cheating on you, so youve been giving him a hard time.
  • Act like you never saw the messages and act as normal and follow along knowing already
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  • Tell him you saw the messages
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  • Other
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  • Vote A, who am I to ruin a great surprise?


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