How do I get a girl that wants me?

Every girl I pursue on dating, ignores me for a while (hours or days), plays me, and rejects me. Now I know part of this is my fault, I’m fully aware of that. But every time I believe I have a chance, I’m come up short. I’m tired of chasing girls and having it lead to failure. All my friends/girls I put myself out there for have one thing in common. They’re more outgoing than me.


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  • Perhaps consider if maybe you are picking the wrong sort of girls (those who play you) or are not picking up on positive signs that she's interested (rejects or ignores you).

    Unfortunately you do have to continue to put yourself out there.

    • What are signs that a girl wants me?

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    • Don't give up all hope. Most of my dating life I've "dated below my league", most of the guys I dated would not be considered attractive by most people, but they were all great guys, good personalities, guys that I was friends with first, got to know, and then became attracted to them. I'm also not the only one of my female friends who prefers the date friends method. I'm not telling you to friendzone yourself. You want to be the friend with whom there's always been a bit of a sexual undercurrent between the two of you in the friendship.

      The alternative, find really good female friends who will set you up with their friends. Aka, what I did for my super sweet, but super awkward and shy ex. It's also what I do for all of my friends who I'm like, I wish you were my type but you're not, but I know you'll be a great boyfriend so let me set you up with this female friend who I think you'll like.

    • I feel like I go into it with the mindset of, we are only going to be friends, then I’ll just stay in the friend zone

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