If a guy hasn’t reached out to you after a first date, is he no longer interested?

So I met this guy on tinder, but we have mutual friends, even though we never had a chance to meet/get to know each other. we hit it off immediately on the app before exchanging numbers. He asked when we should grab drinks and we did the next evening. The date itself was amazing. We had a lot in common and he kept asking me if was having a good time, complimenting me, and overall it wasn’t awkward at all as tinder dates oftentimes can be.

It was like meeting an old friend. It was so refreshing. Near the end, after he closed the tab (even when I insisted I can pay...), he asked what I would like to do in the future. I told him I was down for anything he wants and told him my availability. He then asked if I wanted to see him again and I eagerly agreed. I also reminded him he has my number and is more than welcome to reach out anytime. After, I hailed a cab (he even offered to take me home, but I refused since I discovered we lived in difference parts of the city) and we hugged and he told me to text him when I got home which I did.
He then said he had a nice time.

That was a week ago. He hasn’t reached out or asked me out again since. I decided to text him twice during the week just as a quick check in. One to tell him I hope his week is going well, which he responded 3 hours later. He asked how mine was, but after I told him, he did not respond. Then, I texted again three days later, referring to an inside joke of our date. He responded again 3 hours later. But after I replied to what he said, he didn’t keep the conversation going. Is he playing hard to get or has he simply lost interest in me? Before the date, we were texting constantly, and now I feel like I imagined everything. Ball’s in his court now, but do you think I should reach out again and be more obvious and ask him out? Or move on?


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  • Time to move on I think. I don't think he's playing hard to get, it does sound like he's lost interest. These things happen unfortunately, try not to worry about it and get back and meet other people.

    • Thanks for your honest response. I guess I am bummed because I was really looking forward to seeing him again and he already asked me out for the second date before I left. Thank you again!

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  • kinda weird. if the date went so well and he isn't into you anymore, im thinking he was hoping for sex and didn't get? so he kinda lost interest in you.
    but it could be anything actually. you said you had mutual friends. maybe some other girl got jealous and badmouthed you to him (just me speculating)
    could be anything

  • I think it's up to him now, it should be pretty obvious of what your thoughts are. If anything he's no longer interested or he's waiting for some specific time. My money would be on the former.

    • Thank you for your response. Yeah, it has been awhile and I've been the one reaching out first so if he doesn't initiate, I'll just move on. Thanks again!

  • It's safe to assume yes and then break out Patrick swayze's "ghost", and cry while eating ice cream. Your someday will come.


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