In Love with someone that dont love me the same?

So if you go above and beyond for some to prove you not like the others but he doesn't do the same what should i keep putting in effort or not


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  • No you shouldn't put in the effort, Unrequited love, ultimately that's just going to cause a lot of pain for you. Be careful even if he decides to change, do not wait there just to see what will happen, because possibly the person won't change the way you want them to, or in the time you want them to.

    • I know ty

    • No thanks are necessary, I have been where you are more time than I care to remember. Someone once told me on this site "we don't always get what we want" & that is for damn sure! I just hope I can help when & where I can.

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  • If they know how you feel, yet show no feelings back like you do... it could be they will in time... it's just a matter of how long are you willing to wait around to see if they do. I suggest giving it a little more time, but then moving on.

    • Agreed i once didn't like this girl for ages then after a long time i did and she apparently had a secret crush the whole time

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