We just got back together, after I thought he had been cheating. Then he asks me if he can go to a strip club? On Valentine's day?

What would you do, if you had broken up with your boyfriend because you suspected he was cheating on you, but decide to give him a second chance because he convinces you maybe he didn't do it. but two days later asks if he can go to a strip club on feb14th (valentine's day) because that's a friend's 21st birthday and where they were going to celebrate?

Like he didn't even ask if I had the day off of work... just asks if he can go to a strip club on Valentine's day. Like what. Why. I feel bad breaking things off so soon, after forgiving him for what he convinced me was just a misunderstanding, but what does he honestly expect me to say to that?

I don't even care that it's Valentine's day. But like he knows I'm very shaky in trusting him right now, I've told him that. then he asks that of me.. what would you do? I know I need to end it but I needed to vent I guess.


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  • Big no-no! So inconsiderate of him. Sounds to me like it might not have been a good idea to get involved with him again since there are trust issues of that kind. From what I understand, it's not for no reason either. If you want to give him a good answer (accordingly); tell him yes, he can go, because he is single.

    • Yes yes I like your idea of a good answer

    • I love him but I can't, I love myself too and I can't see myself in a relationship with someone like that for my entire life.

    • Good for you :)

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  • Bruh dump him and then embarrass him publicly

    • When I was told he was cheating I actually planned to tell him I had some incurable std and that he and all of his partners should get checked, but I know his coworkers and that one would make its way around the gossip..

      But I had my doubts of whether he was cheating, so I was just going to move on. then he asked me back and explained what had happened. But I don't know.

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  • DUMP HIS ASS. he's just confirmed basically he doesn't care about you really. Don't let him guilt trip you back in.

  • Don't do it! Dump that sucker faster than Usain bolt and move on.

    • Ik he said it was his friends birthday. Ironically the 21st birthday on valentimes day... very convenient. And then he asks if he can go to a strip club with his friend. Wtf.

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    • All of it raises red flags with me. My advice stands with you dumping him on the quickfast.

    • There's been so many red flags I've been trying to ignore. But come on, Valentine's day

  • I wouldn't stay around a guy like that


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