I got a girls snapchat from a mutual friend but I don't even know if she knows and we're complete strangers, what could I possibly say?

For starters I didn't really ask for it I said i think your friends cute then she gave me her snap and said message her. Honestly I think it's kinda weird massaging someone out the blue if I never spoke or even seen each other personally. But I think she's really pretty and still want to give it a shot. Me being a stranger what could I say with out coming off as awkward or weird?


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  • Well, u could just be like hey wassup and say I think I know you from school or something and get a small chat flowing, after the conversation is kinda alive, be humorous and keep it flowing. Always reply instantly, don't spam her.

    • Be charming, no one likes talking to someone emotionless and bland

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    • Just be casual then. if she asks why just be casual and say I thought you were cute and just wanted to talk

    • Just ask her about general stuff and tried to keep te conversation flowing, if she doesn't text for 2 days it's probably over

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  • don't panic, i did and pretty badly so you can't do worse then i did. so just be nice try to be funny and if you go to a mutual place together then just talk to her then.

    • What Did you do?

    • open lined with are you OCD? cause your here every day in the same spot

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  • Be honest and straight up with your intentions.


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