Why were teenagers much better partners than adults?

In my teenage years, the other teenagers I had relationships with fell in love with me much faster, more intensely, and we were both just happier.

As an adult, other adults I date seem so picky. It's like all they care about is how much money I make, my job, if I live on my own, and other superficial stuff. It's like they don't even care to take the time to get to know one's personality.

Teenagers > Adults. I wish I could go back in time and be a teenager again.


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  • Teenagers are just looking for fun, they get along and do things they want to.
    Adults are working full time, are looking to have a family (financial stability etc) so they can't afford to not be "picky". That's how I see it.

    • All I can conclude from this is
      Teenage Relationships: Happy Fun
      Adult Relationships: A Second Job

      Teens still do it better :/

    • Teens aren't generally serious, and are looking forward to enjoying life, so they get into relationships that are fun.
      Adults don't have that same mentality, they are serious, stressed out, working, looking for a partner to have a family with. It's pretty obvious. One is serious about their future, the other not so much.

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  • Once you live wth someone everything changes. Plus you high school relationships are usually first loves, you put up with a lot more from your first love than anyone


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  • Because teenagers are children and adults (for the most part) aren't. Teenagers are ignorant (and ignorance IS bliss) to the world that surrounds them. For the most part, they haven't had to deal with true emotional loss. As for the job/money question well, I can definitely empathize with you there but what you're seeing (again for the most part) is immaturity and ignorance in your dating pool. What I mean is you're somewhere between 18 & 24 according to your profile which likely means that this is also the average age for your dating pool. At this age, most women are not yet truly independent and still depend on mommy/daddy in some shape, form, or fashion. What this translates to for you is the women in your dating pool are looking for stability and to them, money=stability. Even though almost everyone over the age of 30 realize that this is not the case, that is in fact what she's looking for; someone to take mommy or daddy's place in life.

    On to your living arrangements. In reality, who wants to go out on a date with someone, have a few drinks, dance your ass off, get all hot and bothered on the dance floor only to retire to your mom's basement? Talk about a mood killer!! No one and I mean no one wants to be told mid way through drunken sex, "Shhhhh!! Be quiet!! Dont want to wake my mom!!" If you're 23/24 and still living at home with mommy/daddy, I think dating should be the VERY LAST thing on your mind.

    Point is, if you're looking to pick up a girl she asks all of these questions (and Im not saying that all of her questions are valid) to see if youve got your shit together.
    Because at the end of the day, no one wants to get involved with someone who has no clue whether he/she is coming or going...

    Oh and adults are WAAAYY better than teenagers because we can actually buy alcohol and stay up all night drinking and partying and no one can tell us to do otherwise!!!

  • It's because teenagers are young and stupid and adults are trying to make better more educated life decisions.

  • It's called being burned and of course the gold diggers are everywhere lol

  • Because the learning curve was more progressive


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