She wants to slow things down?

So i have been dating this girl for 1 mont now and everything is going well it all just came out of it self like kissing cuddle etc
But last date she was like pulling back when i give her a kiss and when i took her hand she pulled away and then she took my hanf an let loose again when we where eating she didn't even look at me 1 time when talking iknow she has a hard past and all with her ex who abousde her when i told her how i felt about what she did she thought i didn't like her and when i said that was not true bc i really really like her she said yea i wish i could believe you and that really hurt me.
Now all of a sudden she wants to slow things down but i dont want that everything is going okeyy i take good care of her and all she can talk about her problems to me
Can anyone help me?


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  • Sounds like her trust issues got the best of her, sounds like she became mad that she has trusted u, an she put her guard back up, just keep being kind an ease up on her about it, let her ease back into trust hopefully.

    • But i did nothing wrong

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