Torn between two guys?

OK this would have been my dream a few years ago.. but now I just feel awful.

There are two guys in my life at the moment, both want to be exclusive- all or nothing and I can't pick & I know if I don't I will lose them both. (Been there learned that lesson).

The first is Mr A : Early 40's, amazing in bed, but was famous once (music) now has no money- has to borrow off me (I'm a student),

we really get on in a light hearted jokey way.

He's said he loves me... but then recently has been on tour and has gone r.weird with me and says when he comes back he wants to be 100% exclusive.

I know deep down he's not someone say my mum would want me to end up with him, but he drives me crazy - to quote a cheesy Britney song.

He doesn't drive, rents a tiny flat and hasn't got a serious 'career'.

Mr B (man number 2) is the polar opposite... nearer my age (30) great career in the same industry I want to break into.. same geeky interests as me.. really quiet,sweet and shy.

Own house and car.. the type of guy my mum would approve of and I could see myself marrying one day!

We get one great... just one problem, even though I fancied him for ages... the spark in the bedroom just isn't there. I mean he is awful.

Sorry to sound crude, but I am at my wits end..and even though everything else is perfect it is putting me off this guy.


Who would you choose?



Most Helpful Guy

  • go with number 2, He seems to be better all around. (except in bed) BUT, that's a changeable thing just teach him what's up...Sorry to say it but Guy number one...sounds like a complete failure in life...just a complete failure...Number 2 still has some time to go to catch up to Number 1 to see if he will be a failure, but odds are he won't.


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What Guys Said 2

  • definitely guy #2... you can teach him how to be a better lover... you can't teach guy #1 how not to be a loser.

  • I'm curious how this turned out.


What Girls Said 2

  • you've answered your own question, I believe. bedroom things can be taught and changed. the first guy seems like a loser.

  • Guy number 2. Hands down. He seems so much better than guy number 1. And also because he's looking at reality and making a living when guy number 1 isn't.

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