Guys if you were single and looking , would you reject a woman who you found attractive if she asked you out? Would you tell her "that's my job"?

So you're single and looking and you're out on a night on the town, and while out, a woman who you found attractive approached you and started a convo. She seemed nice and asked you out, would you tell her she's desperate? A slut? Tell her no because asking out is a "man's job"? I say this because some women say that they don't ask guys out because they don't want to look like a slut or easy or desperate which makes me smh. Also why isn't a guy approaching a woman looked upon as being "desperate" , "easy" etc?


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  • That's a minefield, this question. No offense though :)
    No, I wouldn't say it's my job to ask her out and not vice versa. I'd love to get asked out.
    That being said, most people who have asked me out till date have turned out pretty weird and at times harmful.
    And a large number of people I have met are pretty desperate and creepy in real life. Take that as you will.
    I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's not the asking out that's the problem. Any one of you can ask the other out. Just make sure that none of you are actually creepy.


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  • I was honest with my boyfriend that I would have made the first move if I were more sure about everything, and he told me that it would have been a major turn off for him because that's a "man's job", so...
    As for your last question, men aren't seen as desperate when approaching because through that they show confidence and being assertive, straightforward is attractive in men, while most men want feminine, shy women, which is the opposite of approaching.

    • That's that old societal brainwashing type of thinking , I was too smart to fall in that trap. I laugh because men have no clue why these traditional approaching "roles" exist. Back in the day, women didn't earn money or didn't have the disposable income to go out and were oppressed so the guy HAD to ask out because they were the only ones that had the money back then, so it would make sense for a woman to not ever approach back then. Most couples lived off of a one person income, that's why in high school females were taught home economics because they were almost guaranteed to become housewives and guys were taught trades in high school because they were going to be the ones working. Guys were given a smokescreen after equality improved for women they were fed this misleading info about his so called role in dating which were things that HAD to be done back in the day, because men women love these outdated roles because they can now earn like a guy but don't have to...

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  • I think a guy who would reject a woman because she asked him first deserves to spend his life alone.

  • No I would actually be quite happy if she asked me out

  • I would actually prefer it if women were to ask out men more often, and as for me I definitely don't see it as slutty

  • Man's job? No, that's ridiculous.


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