Can a man be too expressive?

I recently went on a string of dates that seemed to be going really well and the other person suddenly ended it. The only thing I can think of is maybe I was too expressive with how I felt about her and how great I thought she was. I'm a very passionate person and can often be very expressive when in a relationship. I was wondering if this is a huge issue when dating someone.


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  • How old was she and what dates did you go on

    • 25. First date was causal, second was very romantic at an Italian joint and jazz club, third was at a bar and later my place, and then the final date was dinner at my place

    • I'm not sure then. Maybe you should ask her

  • It depends - what do you mean by passionate? I am a very passionate woman and have dated passionate men, but some men who describe themselves as passionate can come across as needy and desperate, whilst others are very sensual and fiery. Jesus, they turn me on.

    • That's a good point. I wouldn't say I'm needy or desperate... but that's not really on me to decide, I suppose.

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