What trait takes top priority in finding your ideal man?

  • romantic / creative / considerate
    Vote A
  • handy / hard working / ambitious
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  • deep voice / calm & collected / cuddler
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  • strong hands /strong arms / big dick
    Vote D
  • motivational / always working on self-growth / brave
    Vote E
  • witty / hilarious / literate
    Vote F
  • stable-growing income
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Most Helpful Girl

  • he's gotta be able to make me laugh.
    Not talking about a little "hehe" or "lol"
    I'm talking like double chin-inducing cackle laugh borderline pissing myself.

    • @rgboo8 Bollocks to that! It's all about a cheeky little moustache, a Khazakstan background and naked wrestling with Azamat Bagatov! You know the truth!

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    • @rgboo8 .. I mean a girl who introduces Korky Buchek in a conversation and doesn't expect me to be stupidly impressed! I'm kinda in love lol
      Bing Bang Bing Ding Ding Diga Dey Dey Dey Da Dee Da Dee (snapping, snapping snapping)
      Bing Bang Bong
      Dey Dem Bey Den Diga Ding Diga Ding Diga Ding Dong Diga Diga Ding
      Bing Bang Bong Bing
      Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ba-Ring Bing
      Bang Bang Bing Ding Ding
      B-Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding
      Baga Ding Ding Ding Ding Digi Digi Ding Ding Brrrr Bug Dig Dug
      Bing Bang B-Dig Dig Ding Baga Dig Dig Din Dun Bang Dun Dong
      Dee Dee Brrr Brrr Pop Kaba Pop Kaba Pop

Most Helpful Guy

  • Never thought about my ideal man but I guess it would be someone with a very small dick. If I'm taking it up the ass I want the smallest junk available.


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What Girls & Guys Said

  • damn this is a hard one. Good question, i like it.

  • "creative , deep voice, hilarious" would be great for me hehe

  • What good is he without a big dick?

    • You'd be surprised! Which is why I made the poll :^)

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