What kind of woman does he want? Why is he disgusted with me?

I told my friends with benefits that I'm trying to lose weight, and I talked about how often I poop and then he became really upset and he told me that was too much information. I've never been feminine, I don't even know how to be feminine around guys. What should I do and why did it bother him so much? He wasn't like this before we started dating.


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  • Omg yeah guys don't really wanna hear about your poop. I don't think the weight loss thing would bother a guy, but poop is definitely a minus lol. Just be yourself, don't be fake around a guy, but be ladylike. I ran across this on the internet:


    For Women:

    - No Cursing

    - No chewing gum, use a mint. It makes you look like a horse chewing grass.

    - Taking pictures from the FRONT, posing butt first is so trashy.

    - In social settings, NEVER give a man your whole hand. He is to lightly shake your fingers. <<if you notice older men always do this. If shows a sign of respect for the lady and sets a boundary.

    - Always wear earrings

    - Never rush, looking like a bully never works.

    - Be cordial, everybody doesn't need to know you're having a bad day.

    - Look like a lady. <<< my mom used to always tell me, never put on anything that you would be ashamed to run into your father or pastor while out.

    - IF you choose to drink alcohol, use a glass. It gives the impression that you're loose and wild.


    A charming women is graceful and carrys herself elegantly with great pose and confidence. She is intelligent, witty, dignified, and subtle.

    She is never "over the top" in her appearance or actions, she does not flaunt her assets by wearing skimpy outfits but rather wears well fitting clothes which flatter her thus making her look sexy. Similarly she will not go overboard when it comes to make up, and prefers more natural, colours which bring out her natural beauty rather than covering her face in paint.

    She speaks clearly with a soft and gentle voice, and smiles and engages well in conversation. She is not egotistical or self-centred and avoids talking too much about herself. She is sharp, alert and aware of her surroundings is able to judge the mood of the situation she is in, hence will converse in a topic which is appropiate for the environment she finds herself in. (Although, she will always steer clear of crude topics and will never talk about others, the charming women avoids gossip and "bitching"). The charming woman is always courteous, showing consideration, for others, she will listen patiently when others are speaking without rudely interrupting, she will politely engage in conversation whilst always maintaining her composture.

    A charming woman is always polite, and never disrespectful. She is naturally a honest, kind and caring person. Part of her charm is derived from her awareness of the impact our actions and behaviour (big or small) has on others.

    Men can be charming aswell by the way!


    *dance vertically.not horizontal to the floor

    *don't smack/pop your lips when talking

    *always wear the proper undergarments.

    *allow the man to open the door, etc.

    *don't apply make up @ the table

    *ALWAYS say thank you when complimented & say somethin nice back


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  • He'll either get over it, or he won't. I wouldn't suggest running the topic by him again but he'll more than likely get over it.

  • That seems werid. He should have had You suck his dik while You poop -- him standing, you sitting. You would have loved that, true? Lot of girls are surprised to find out they love it.

  • He become upset couse he think may be he is not giving you enogh money 4 food


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  • 1. Get into the habit of dressing yourself up and looking into the mirror before going out. Put on light make-up daily, yet heavy if you attend social activities. Choose cold color or warm color lipsticks. Use foundation make-up to adjust your complexion.

    2. Be careful of your body. Have a bath every day to keep away body odor and bad breath. Replace your underwear every day and your outer wear if you attend social activities. Use at least two bottles of excellent perfume in both social activities and daily life.

    3. Keep an eye on your hair. Wash your hair every day or every other day. Have a trim every month if you wear middle or short hair and every two or three months if your hair is long. Have an appropriate, modern, neat and full of luster hairstyle. Tidy your hairstyle before attending major social activities.

    4. Use body cosmetics like body nursing latex. Remove your body hair at regular intervals.

    5. Nurse your hands. Use hand-care cream. Form a good habit of trimming your nails to keep them smooth and lustrous.

    6. Appropriate dress is a good fit for a successful career. Have a neat and modern dress with harmonious colors. Wear different clothes depending on if the occasion is work, social or recreational. Know the basic relationship between your dress and your identity. Buy one or two dresses each month to maintain your liveliness.

    7. Have a habit of using accessories. Have 50 to 100 decorations such as scarves, jewelry and belts. Buy one or two each month to supplement your decorations.

    8. A good facial expression is important. Learn to smile and know your most favorable facial expressions.

    9. Have a correct and aesthetic posture. Often watch yourself in front of the mirror to get to know your gestures of standing, sitting and walking well.

    10. Speech is the picture of your mind. Be able to control your voice, tone and speed. In addition, a clear, pleasant, natural and kind voice is a must.

  • 21. Take part in an elegant artistic activity every season. Watch films and performances and visiting museums to enrich your sentiment and interest.

    22. Know some common sense well. Respect people and treat them sincerely. Say "thank you" when you get help from someone and say "sorry" if you interrupt someone.

    23. Love your family and keep a good relationship with them. Remember some commemoration days, such as their birthdays. Learn to share troubles and happiness with them.

    24. Keep in touch with your friends. Have 10 or more close friends whom you contact on your own initiative every month, 10 or more good friends whom you often contact and 10 or more whom you contact time and again.

    25. Possess more than one kind of professional knowledge or skills. If you have a high level in them, you will be very helpful to others.

    26. Get a professional training or academic education every year, which can upgrade your knowledge and expand your vision.

    27. Have more than one helpful and high-level hobby. Hobbies such as drawing, dancing, writing can edify your temperament.

    28. Have a sense of love. Be appreciative and kind to others. Keep your frame of a mind gentle. Do one or two helpful deed for others every week.

    29. Take a holiday or have a tour annually. Visit a natural and quiet tourist spot where you can adjust your spirit with your heart.

    30. Learn to have a healthy life style. Change your life style by 5-10 percent every year from diet, sports, sleep, and so on. Hone your mental toughness and control your life firmly by yourself.

  • 11. Take control of your weight. Have no feeling of fullness and distention while having dinner. Avoid eating sweet, deep-fried, high-fat and high-caloric food. Eat a little amount of junk food.

    12. Mainly eat a vegetarian diet. Have at least one or two fruits and one kilogram of fresh vegetables, half a litre of milk, a bottle of yoghourt, one egg, and some bean products every day.

    13. Remember to drink water. Drink eight to 10 glasses of water each day. Keep away from strong tea, coffee and coca cola and drink fresh vegetable and fruit juice.

    14. Beautify yourself from head to toe. Go to beauty shops or learn some professional beautifying methods such as skin cleaning and massage. Spend at least two hours to beautify yourself two or three times monthly.

    15. Play sports more than three times each week and better every day to keep fit. Choose sports such as tennis or swimming, which are interesting but not confined to the sports field. Also you can play some sports which can be done at any time, such as walking, running and climbing stairs.

    16. Do exercises. Do stretches every day to make your muscles and joints more flexible.

    17. Go shopping at least two to three times monthly. Go to the shopping malls which are beyond your consuming ability to upgrade your aesthetic taste and activate your feelings and frame of mind and the ones which are appropriate to your consuming ability to update your dresses and daily articles.

    18. Keep up with fashion. Look through three to five popular fashion and beauty magazines or newspapers monthly even if you are busy or have no interest in them. Just get the odd moment to read at places like newsstands, bookstalls, public houses, cafes to keep fashionable.

    19. Read three to five fictional books annually, which can help to improve your education and enrich your mind.

    20. Read a book on women's life, beauty, dress and health every month. By doing this, you can learn something new and share it with your friends.

  • He'll get over it. He probably didn't want to think of the girl that he's banging crouched over a toilet pooping. We're females and when guys first go out with us or start a FWB they don't want to think of us as anything but the sultry creatures. After a while they get over it and things become comfortable.