Guys, Bait and switch?

Why did my guy hang out with me all the time then once he moved in with me he completely changed and stays gone all the time?


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  • Maybe what he likes doing is going out away and being social or just going out, when he wasn't living with you he was being social going out with you, now that he lives with you you are part of the home and house he is going out away from, not necessarily in a bad but I just mean it might not be a change at all if he was always being gone (with you) already at the start

    • That's so smart! I never thought of it that way! Thanks! I feel better!

    • You are welcome, glad it, people don't really change that easily (especially guys lol) things that seem new that he is doing could just be because you are now on the inside with him and looking out at what he does from a different angle 😊 (just my opinion) good luck with your relationship

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