Why would a girl answer a guy's call late, when that's an obvious sign she's not interested in him?

I know I asked a similar question a few days ago but I didn't really get an answer from women on why they would do this. As I said before got this girls number and called her like two days after. Didn't hear from her for like three weeks then one night at like 11pm she texted me and said she was sorry to take so long but she was busy. I thought to myself whatever I have her attention now and asked her out. She first said yes then before you know it she backed out and said she would let me know. Well before you know it the weekend came and went and now its been almost a week and haven't heard from her. I know its obvious she doesn't want anything to do with me but why would she have even bothered to get back to me? I know I'm probably spending way too much time on this but I took the fact that she did this as an insult like she rubbed my face in the fact that she has no use for me. I will probably see her out again why would a girl do this knowing that? She was better off not answering me its not like I was staking her.


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  • Probably because she had nothing else to do, and was wanting to use you as a last resort. It's sh*tty and wrong, but honestly what it sounds like.

    • Should I ignore her or would it be appropriate to let her know what I think about what she did?

    • Just ignore her. If she's doesn't want to give you her time, she's not worthy of yours. If she contacts you again, tell her you're busy and you don't really want to go out with her anymore. That'll throw her for a loop and give her a little taste of her own medicine while making her shut up hopefully

    • Yeah your right she is only 23 by the way and I'm 30 so I don't even know what I was thinking asking for her number.

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  • She was bored, possibly drunk (?), and wanted attention. She remembered you from before, and wanted the ego boost for the night. She's not interested in anything, it was for attention.

    • Do you think she will try again? O really want to get a chance to blow her off.

    • I wouldn't even look at it that way. Just forget about her. Plotting on how to get her back is to be as immature as she is. Don't waste the energy.

  • PMSing?


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