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He didn't kiss me for a goodbye, why?

First of all - we are not a couple, just dating.
He was the one who kissed me first and it was really good.

Then the next date we ate lunch together and then we took a walk. And again he was the one who couldn't hold it and he asked me 'will you kiss me or should I do it' or sth like this. And so we kissed again. Then we went to his house and we end up having sex. After all he went with me to a bus stop and I kissed him for a goodbye.

Then the next date we spend some time together but he didn't try anything, he just hugged me when we met. And then only when we got to his house we started to kiss and after all we had sex. Then I slept at his place. And next day we spent a morning together but he didn't try anything again. We just spent few hours talking and walking around the city. Then when I had to go I though we will kiss for a goodbye and actually I wanted to do it but he told me 'give me a hug'. So I hugged him and just give him a kiss on cheek. The thing is I was leaving for a longer time and we don't know when we are going to see each other. And I thought it's a good reason to have a goodbye kiss... But he just gave me a hug and said 'have a safe travel and please let me know when you'll arrive home'.

I am bad in 'reading' guys. And I have no idea what to think about it. I don't know if he likes me or if something went wrong. Why I didn't kiss him first it's because I am shy and I wasn't sure about if he will want it or not...

What do you think? What may be his feelings for me? And why he didn't kiss me this last time?
He didn't kiss me for a goodbye, why?
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