Girls, what is she trying to tell me?

I liked a girl and would sometimes check her out. Then i stopped and sge continued but sometimes she would be nervous like stealing glances and looking away and others just look me without a problem. So I didn't make a move and onetime she made loads of effort to look nice and tried to grab my attention but I stead I spoke to another chick and sge got jealous and stopped looking at me.

So I approached and she was nice , quiet , couldn't make eye contact tact but akways laugh at my jokes but she was nervous like akways playing with her hair and wouldn't really make much eye contact up close but look from a distance. But I noticed she always talks to her friebds about me secretely. . The last time I approached I decided to compliment her looks.. I said she lookd nice and slurred my words nervously and complimented twice again. 10 min later I say bye to go to class and sge starts talking about me energetically and staring g at me so I stare back before leaving. Then she keep looking at me.

The week after I was busy with essays and didn't approach , and I only went into library to take books back and her frievds kept staring at me more then usual , I seen her with loads of make up on again. And sge Keith sneaking glances and when I faced her way talking to my friend she looked at me like sge was sad and looked down and started studying. Then i walked off

Why she akways randomly majestic effort with make up , why she akways taking to her friebds about me, but then goes quiet when I'm trying to talk to her. And then when I suddenly stopped approaching because sge always quiet and confusing me. I gave her 3 compliments the last time I approach. Now I avoid approach her friebds stare at me and she kept sneaking looks wen I retuning books and the when I faced her she looked at me from distance in eyes with sad face then looks down slowly

What she trying to see girls?


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  • Maybe she thinks that you are a player, and don't want to get hurt (which is normal).
    By the way, if she puts some makeup on, it's not necessarily meaning that she does it specifically for you!

    • But I haven't done anything which suggests I'm a player. I stopped approaching because sge confusing me

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