You start falling for your close female friend after 2 years of friendship. Can you turn it into something more? How?

The guy friend zoned her first I think.
  • Yes you can - it will be hard but it’s possible
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  • No you can’t - you are too deep in the friend zone
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  • Yes you can, and believe me it's not hard at all if she feels the same. If she doesn't it's unlikely she would have earlier anyway. There's so much rubbish people teach out there.

    • Yes but generally in my experience, when friends start developing feelings it’s usually not at the same time or not mutual at all.

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    • She’s probably not attracted to me.

    • Maybe, it's hard to give you the best advice from here without knowing you as a person

Most Helpful Guy

  • It's better to stay as friends. Rather keep a good friend than mess things up somehow by getting in a relationship


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  • Its possible but its all dependant on the girl.

    • In what way?

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    • Or she knows very well what you're trying to do 😂😂

    • Oh dear.

  • Just don't play games


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