Is he interested or not (details matter)?

So there is a guy I met on a dating site, but we live in different states. He adds me on FB and we continue texting for a day. He tells me that I'm actually pretty cute. Then by the end of the day…he ghosts and drops the convo. Two weeks later, he messages me back on FB apologizing and continues talking. We then talk a little bit randomly every week or two weeks. My last message to him remains unread. Then about a month later, he says he is coming to my city and wants to meet me. I say no.

Then I hit him up 6 months later and we clarify. We have a three hour text conversation. He has a bad habit of not reading my last message until he is ready to reply or talk again though; so he reads my message when he hits me up two weeks later. After randomly hitting me up again with a meme, I passively aggressively ask what the meaning of it was. He gets confused and questions me. I say it’s nothing, and he doesn’t read the message.

A year goes by, and I ask how he’s doing and tell him that I am going to visit his city. He offers to meet up with me and take me around. Then as the day approaches he says that he might be out of town. He doesn’t text me back till I am already two days into the vacation and asks how I like the city. I then offer for him to hang out with us the next day. He texts me the day after, when we are scheduled to leave and asks if we will be in the area. By then we are at the airport, so I tell him maybe next time. He doesn’t respond and doesn’t read the message. Two months later, I change my profile photo to one of me on vacation in the city. He doesn’t like it on Facebook, but instead DMs me a reply to my message from two months ago and asks me to let him know when I’m around. I reply and tell him to do the same. And he again, does not read my message.

I literally feel so confused about this situation and hope someone can provide insight on what this guy is thinking and whether he is interested or not.


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  • its too long to read uggghhhh good luck i guess

    • Haha, well everyone on reddit read it- but ok... I just need some opinions on what this guy was thinking

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