girlfriend 21 of 2 years dumped me 21 for an older guy because he’s more “stable” whatever, don’t understand what that’s supposed to mean and I’m so upset help?

We are both in university and met at university and the relationship was going great she said she was so happy with me and I’ll admit I’m on a tight budget so I will admit that I could be cheap at times but a lot of my female friends who I know in university that I talk to told me that money doesn’t matter and status doesn’t matter when it comes to relationships which reassured me that it was okay, but now apparently my girlfriend met a guy who’s 26 or 27 and apparently he's already graduated college and from what I hear has a great job etc etc you get it and my girlfriend out of nowhere Just dumped me for this guy I don’t get it, everything we’ve been through together for 2 years our relationship gone just like that and she drops me like that, can I win her back is there anything I can do this isn’t the first time this has happened to me either in high school when I was a sophomore my girlfriend dumped me for a guy after he started driving her around, I didn’t have a car and senior year my girlfriend dumped me for a college guy because she said I wasn’t as mature which was bull, I just don’t get it in all my relationships I thought things were going well and just like that I was dumped, my current girlfriend is showing no remorse no nothing even after saying she loved me and all of this stuff I don’t get it, it’s like the minute something better comes along she jumped on it, maybe I just don’t get women, but is there anyway I can win her back and how can she just move on so fast?


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  • Regarding the "income/status don't matter" part that's not entirely true, some women may follow that mindset but a lot of them have that mindset for reasons of settling down, if a partner cannot provide a stable income and a place of safety then you WILL lose points in their book. Another reason for that is maybe because you guys have different goals in life, I mean have guys talked about what you expect from one another? And my suggestion to you is to try focusing making something for yourself and leave finding someone to fate, focusing your energy towards relationships will only garner annoyance and endless worries in my opinion.


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  • So sorry to hear that. In my opinion your ex girlfriend sounds like she really only cares about having mature stable guys. And the fact that u said she moved on so quickly. This shows she doesn’t care about ur feelings. Don’t be wasting ur time on how to get her back because she won’t pay attention cause she’s blind right now. Maybe later on she’ll realize that what she had was amazing and will come back to u. In the meantime u should focus on school and strive to becoming what u want to be. It’s hard to be a student and deal with relationships at the same time. Been through that and still am.


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  • "that money doesn’t matter and status doesn’t matter"
    LOL! It only doesn't matter for women who don't think they could compete against women for whom it does matter. Women EVOLVED to find status (which is correlated to money for adults) attractive. Until some Pope messed things up, men with power had many women and men without were scuttled on the battlefield.

    "because she said I wasn’t as mature"
    You have had multiple women tell you roughly the same thing in different ways. Maybe instead of complaining about the girls that dumped you, you should examine how you compare to the men they are leaving you for. Do it objectively. If you don't discover how they are better than you, then you aren't being objective.

    "is there anyway I can win her back"
    If you tried, you would look pitiful. This ex-gf of yours discovered she could do better than you, so she took the first opportunity for it. Don't feel bad, it happens to a lot of guys.

    Instead, forget this girl. Focus on gaining the power. How old will you be when you achieve a net worth of a million dollars? (My goal was 35). How many men will you command and at what age? (I had 25 employees before I was 30).

  • She moved on fast because she wasn't in love... now why would you want somebody that doesn't love you back?
    Move on

  • It says your age is 36-45 though so?

    • Not my real age I didn’t bother putting it

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    • Yea it has to do with mostly money and stuff, I’m a pretty cheap person I’m gonna be honest and I know I’ve pissed my girlfriend off a couple times maybe more over it, sometimes to when I go out and buy maybe a pizza or buy something for myself she gets angry and says that we should be saving for a nice place, I do save but I also like to enjoy myself too I mean i dunno what else to do

    • Cheapness is an issue for a lot of girls tbh but if you can't change that then try finding a girl who doesn't mind it or a girl who is cheap as well?

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