What else can I do to get his attention?

I started following this guy on IG who plays local football (not national) and I was like wow he’s really attractive let me follow him. I Wasn’t expecting him to follow back because he already has a lot of followers. But within minutes he follows me back!!! I was so shocked.

And ever since then he’s always the first person watch my IG stories.. However I was sort of hoping that he would eventually direct message me. But Its been about 6 days now And my hope is wearing out.

I’ve been posting a lot of interesting things to see if maybe he’d message me. But nothing!! Silence!! Even tonight I posted about football, and he watched and said nothing. I know you guys are gonna say why don’t I message him first. But it’s not really in my culture to approach the guy first.

By the way, he only follows a few people (about 400) compared to the amount of people who follow him. So he clearly followed me for a reason.


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  • Hm. That's tough, maybe keep going along the lines that you are going, but it's very hard to get someone to message you first when you want to speak to them. It might take a while because messaging you might not be directly in his mind, but if you keep posting about his interests then maybe

    • Why do you think he followed me though? 😕

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    • Welpppp looks like he has a girlfriend. Or someone he’s talking to at least. He commented on someone’s picture saying “looking like a future wife” that is why he won’t direct message me.

    • Oh right , that sucks

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