Girls, How can I get to know a girl to see if I like her, without being friend zoned?

I just met this girl that I really like. We seem to have great chemistry together. She goes to my school and we've hung out a couple of times, she's just my type. But she recently broke up with her boyfriend. And due to my past experience of rushing into a relationship I want to take my time. I want to see if my affectionate for her grows and if we connect on a deeper level. I'm through having short term relationships, I want to find the right girl.
How do I spend time with her without friend zoning myself? My assumption would be to flirt with her and always have a "I'm really attracted to you" mentality with her. I just figure that I need to be charming, engaging and confident. But I know she probably not ready for another relationship now and I want to take my time. Can I do this? Or will I lose her? It's so difficult not knowing what people think or want.


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  • Act really nice but not creepy nice act like a friend


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