When she got mad, walked away, ended things, blocked you or whatever did you ever try to talk to her again after that or did you just let her go?

When you break a woman's heart there are many who will just walk away even though they still care.
  • I just let it be
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  • I'll usually try to talk to her once to see if there is something to save
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  • I will try to sneak back in after a while
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What Guys Said 2

  • Under those circumstances, yes, I moved on and did not contact her.

  • Pffft after acting child cause you can't be an adult and tell me your problem then i woukd not want return. I dont want to go jail fir dating a minor.

    If were friends, ill let her sort herself out. And im not chading her sooooo. When she gets a cool head then we talk.

    Best friend.
    Ill crash my skate board through her window and ask her " whats up bruh, what are we doing today, talkin about your feelns or we just chillin." Just piss her off more or get her to laugh. Either way, my goal is get her laugh her ass off.


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