Girls, do you prefer boys who gets good grades and is hardworking?

When I was younger, I had the impression that girls in general do better in school. From elementary school, many of my female classmates did very well in their studies, and continue to do so up near the end of high school. As an elementary/middle school kid, I'd sometimes felt somewhat ashamed, or that boys are dumber than girls (please forgive my immature mindset).

There were times when I felt like the only way for a girl to show interest in me is if I do well in school myself, or if I could get a girl to like me back regardless of my grades, then how well I did wouldn't matter as much.

I get good grades myself. I currently have a high GPA, and have received several college acceptances (so rejections, deferrals, or wait-lists so far).

I have long outgrown the mindset that I must do well academically in order for a girl to like me. But I'm still asking anyways, out of curiosity.


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  • Well I prefer a guy with good personality and intelligence but not so good grades than a guy who get good grades but its not worthy dating
    Ofc grades are important and its good to give your best but i don't think its the most important and what girls are that much interested in
    If you are smart, you don't need grades to prove it :)


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  • There are going to be differing opinions on this. Some girls will, many won't care. It's more important in college.


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  • sometimes yes, but i still prefer a guy with better personality even if he is not that smart. Its okay if his grades are average or high but its a turn off for me when a guy seriously has low grades, though that depends cause i usually just don't care about other people's grades but there is just times where i observe or something a guy's grades :)

  • As long as u aren't like an awkward nerd


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