Getting back in the 'game'?

I thought this title was appropriate since the Superbowl just ended. And hopefully you get a laugh from my sad and funny life ✌

But 3 long stories short: I dated this chick in late middle through early highschool, and things didn't end well (lasted 2ish years?). We both moved to different cities and I was depressed for awhile that I'd never find anyone like that ever again. Moving on to late highschool, I got together with this new transfer girl and that only lasted a few a months. She had some anger and daddy issues. That one ended abruptly and has made me nervous to try and find another girlfriend that I can actually connect with.

Fast forward to college now, I've shot my shot at different girls. One was a straight forward 'No'. Another one wanted a day to think about it, but it turns out her dad wouldn't approve of a black boyfriend so that was a no, and another one was going through a 'change' of being a girl to a guy (Not while we were 'talking') but after she stopped talking to me, disappeared, and reappeared after surgery. So I have NO luck. And I'm honestly lost and think I'm gonna be single forever. Any tips to get out there? Should I try Tinder? Anything helps.


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  • Definitely try Tinder. Don’t be discouraged man, you’ll get there.


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