Have you ever loved someone so much you can barely breathe?

have you ever loved someone so much you can barely breathe? that's how I feel about her. I'm so stressed. I have nothing else to live for, except her. I would kill for it to be Thursday. on Thursday, I'm going to ask her for her phone number so I don't have to wait for Thursday. im going to right a song for and about her. I met someone else who has a lot in common with me, but that person is nothing to me compared to her. I love her. she's the only thing I care for anymore. if we end up dating, I'm going to give her my soul. I don't care. I'm going to give her everything, even if it wipes out my bank account. if she wasn't here I would live for nothing and die for nothing.


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  • Yes a guy I see in class I do know he probably won't like me taken how ugly I am but yes I have and I would kill myself if he died to just be with him I love him but he likes my normal non-emo friend (He is a normal jock).


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  • I think you're loosing your mind, you should learn how to get a grip and calm down cause ladies don't find this attractive at all you're still a kid you'll get to learn more if you grow up


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  • That's a bad place to be because if you break up that's a suicide waiting to happen or something else bad

    • She's the reason I'm not dead. I've already tried to commit suicide, but she and 1 other person stopped me.

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    • I'm an atheist

    • Open yourself up to Lord Jesus Christ you're in great need of it believe me. Pick up your Holy Bible and start going to church you're young yet you have a lot to learn you'll be all right

  • Nope


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