Lost hope and trust?

What do you think about people who have lost hope in love and stop trusting women because of really immature treatment fron women.
For me, I just see it normal for it to happen, as once trust is broken it is broken and cannot ve fixed.
Many will say you can go to doctor but some pain and broken trust are completely, no doctor can.
Sometime the other gender have to make up and clean their shit and mistake.


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  • I find that that's an immature reaction in itself. Perhaps this is contrary to the purpose of this app, but all men and women are all very much individuals. To suddenly become prejudice as a result of a few bad experiences will just lead to more problems for one's self down the road.

    • True
      A bad thing bring back another bad thing.
      See it as that:

      U break a glass, it is broken.. u can repair it but u can also buy a new one... trust can be repaired but will never be same and cannot be changed

    • Certainly. One of my exes I had a great relationship with. Due to stresses and mental health issues she ended up cheating on me. I was very disappointed, but months later when she realized her mistake I had to make her understand that even if she was healthy and faithful, there would always be doubt in my heart.

  • Trust can be fixed. If the other person is genuinely sorry, then it's on you to forgive them and to give them a chance to fix what's been broken. To forgive or to not forgive, that is the question. Cuz if we don't forgive who will forgive us? Life is funny that way.

    • I can forgive but never forget
      I forgive u but that does not mean I will trust again...

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    • I have to break it cuz it was wrong so I did...

    • But you still broke it.

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