Why can't have success on tinder or similar apps?

So i have dated a fair few people. I've had short relationships that never worked out and long several year long relationships that i never wanted to end. I have great success in person but i can't seem to get any interest online like with tinder. My pictures are fine, when i get a match i hey hi i'm polite and i ask questions about the person. I'm very clear on my profile that i am after a relationship not hookups but no one is ever interested in talking unless its a cam girl that will 'meet with me if i use my credit card to join her cam page'.

How am i supposed to start a conversation on tinder? Is it hi, hey, how are you, nice to meet you? Or is it more like hi! Im this kind of person who are you blah blah?


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  • I had tinder before and I just introduced myself and asked them questions like hey how are you? What you up to? What do you do?

    • Thanks yeah thats about what i ask. I have a lot more luck in person than i do online but i am busy a lot lately and i don't have a lot of time to go to social events

    • Yeah me too, I find it easier to socialize online and meet people through social media. Because i don't have time to mingle lol

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