Why do men ask you to date them exclusively and then break it off ASAP? Ego?

I was seeing this guy who is a well known artist and so am I. We have everything in common. I am not a girl who likes guys often and I date many guys. We were set up to be studio mates actually, because our work matches. I gave in and dated him after he would not leave me alone. He literally asked me to stop seeing other guys. I complied and then he asked me to hang Saturday after seeing each other Friday and introducing me to all his friends. He stood me up Saturday which I found mildly annoying, but Sunday he said he wanted to hang out with me and meet my friends and totally ignored my texts but still Instagram stalked me and watched all my videos (promotion tool). I got annoyed because I broke a date with another guy to bring him and he totally broke it off and then continued to watch all my videos and like my posts. I’ll admit I became girlie, which my pride is mostly what is hurt because I gave into those feelings. I am not sure what happened?


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  • "I got annoyed because I broke a date with another guy" - But I thought you were exclusive?

    • That’s what I am dating, he said he wanted me to just be with him on Friday, so I broke off going on dates with other people and by Sunday I guess he changed his mind. I mean I guess it’s a simple answer and I am over it already. I was just confused.

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    • Not a big deal at this point.

    • No it’s not a big deal, but I guess I am just curious why he is still liking all my photos and watching every single video I post if he is going to ignore me when I text him and he doesn’t want to continue. Is it a game? I mean I post like 20 videos a day so it takes awhile to get through them. I of course am hoping he will change his decision.

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