What should I do?

I met a guy on Internet a few months ago. We're talking everyday and we're calling eachother almost everyday. I started to like him a lot, and the same for him. I realized that he means a lot for me. But the only problem is that I'm living in Switzerland and he's living in the USA.
I'm totally lost, I don't know what to do.


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  • Very young age it's easy to get invovled with these sort of internet relationships do you parents know about it? If you are still close keep it going you never know where it will lead, then again would it not be easier finding someone maybe at school/college etc.

    • Actually I'm not living anymore with my parents, I've have my own apartment. And that mean that I'm not talking a lot to them. They trust me to live my own life alone (that was my choice, and yeah I've made a mistake I'm 17 not 16). And I'm traveling a lot around the world, so maybe it's possible. But I still wanted to know the opinions of the people. Thanks for your response.

    • Good on you for that haha I'm still with them at 28! Still an impressionable. Would certainly be an idea because Switzerland is a gorgeous place the locals were very nice in Zurich. I have seen these things work but a lot of people seem quick to dismiss these type of relationships

    • Yeah Switzerland is awesome. I see, but you know, I know that these types of relationships are uncommon. That's why I'm very careful about that.

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  • Find someone closer to home.

    • It never worked

    • You're 16... you shouldn't even think about a relationship from that distance. Its not going to work out.

    • Actually I've made a mistake at the registration, I'm 17 and almost 18, not 16 hahaha. But I think you're not wrong.

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  • ... there is not much to say at this topic... statistics says that this type of relationships don't work out most of the time. Unless of course you date online let's say for a couple of months and eventually you meet in person some were in between

    • I think you're right, that's why I'm very careful with that situation

    • And you should be because after all the only person that gets hurt is yourself if things won't work out eventually. Do a favor to yourself and don't get attached this only makes harder to let go

  • Tough one. Perhaps it works because yre unlikely to meet?
    Enjoy what u have

  • You have a pain pill. Nothing more. Don't develop feelings that don't really exist.

  • Love on you are 16 still plant of guys out there


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