Why hasn't he taken down his dating profile?

So I've been seeing this guy! We get along really great and have chemistry! (His words and I agree) He takes me out on dates and everything. Well, The other day, He said that he wants to go long term with me! As do I with him! After a few weeks of going out with him, I took down my dating profile! Well, I was curious if he did the same and his is still in use and active! On his profile, It does say single but so does mine! And his popularity on the site is very low! I also noticed that he changed on his profile that he's only looking for chat where as when we first started talking, It was originally saying that he was looking for dating! Is he stringing me along or is he actually serious about us? Also I don't want to talk to him about it because I don't want to come off as controlling or jealous.


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  • You have to talk to him about it. He's literally the only one who can answer your questions to your satisfaction. The rest of us can only speculate.
    That said, it appears he is open to meeting other people even if he's in an exclusive relationship. If that's a problem for you, now is the time to have the deal breakers and boundaries talk. You can even bring it up without mentioning that you snooped, though I strongly recommend you admit that up front. Relationships are built on trust, with open and honest communication. Any relationship is doomed without those things. Don't get too bent out of shape until you talk with him, and listen. Too many people forget that second part of communication... LISTEN.


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  • This is somewhat what me and ny current boyfriend did.

    We used Tinder and when we started dating we just didn't go in the app anymore then after maybe 2 weeks or so we screenshot that we both deleted our profiles to prove that we want something between us both.

    Currently i am happy and so is he.

    If you have said that you are both together and in a relationship maybe kindly ask for him to at least delete the app. But if you aren't a "thing" yet then you have no say over what apps he has on his phone.

    • Do you believe you have some say over what apps your boyfriend has once you're "a thing"?

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    • My question was a jerk thing?
      I don't understand how that's possible. It's just a question. Here's the next one:
      Do you also believe your boyfriend has any say over you having dating apps?

    • Yes i do. I don't have any dating apps and i don't plan to because i'm in love with my boyfriend? Why would i want dating apps if i have a boyfriend? And i believe he has a say in whether i have dating apps or not, even though i don't want them. Why are you being so weird?

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  • You're acting really weird. He already took down a lot of stuff from the site. Just bc he didn't deactivate his account doesn't mean he's leading you on :/

    • How is that acting weird? I don't think it's weird at all

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    • Well, that escalated quickly!

    • @Bri_Bell, you're just a child who will block everyone who doesn't tell you exactly what you want to hear.

  • uh , have you defined the relationship yet? 'Want to' doesn't mean he is in a relationship with you. If he is , you have right to ask him to take down his profile on a dating website regardless of what he wants to do on the dating site.

    • Really? I don't think so.
      If a guy told his girlfriend to take her profile off a dating app or site, he'd be railed as controlling and abusive, hands down. She doesn't own him even if they're an official couple. She doesn't have the right to do anything more than share with him how it makes her feel and hope he changes for her sake. Other than, yes, she can leave if he doesn't acquiesce. He doesn't own her any more than she owns him.

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    • @charlotte5, you really believe she disabled her own account? I don't. I did my fair share of internet dating in the past, and you can't search specific profiles without an active account on any of the sites I used, even the free ones. They all want you to sign up so you can't do anything more than "browse" without an account. I would basically agree with your general principle, but I don't know why you'd offer her special advice and not consider that a double standard.

    • @Chaz269 Oh bc if I understand correctly they haven't brought up the serious talk yet, and I think there is a probability that this guy might actually lie to her so he can get what he wants because it's always easier said than done. I may be overthinking so I agree with you that they need to clarify things b4 having expectations. Else wise it's fine for them to still hunt around.

  • You could always ask him if you guys could both disable your online dating profiles on the same day and have a small date\party celebrating the occasion. Call it "Offline Day". Might sound silly, but it could turn an awkward situation into a Good one. At the very least talk about what your relationship is and at what point a "no more dating profiles" sound acceptable to him.


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