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Okay, so I’ve been on and off with this guy for 2 years now. It just seems like we always end up back together. For a while he he used to hit me and my mom took it to the court and now he is risking going to jail for years and I feel really scared for him. On Thursday I left with him and didn’t tell anybody, I left my phone and disappeared for a few days. Today he had court and said he’d probably go away for a while at his next court date. When I came back from being gone Thursday my best friend told me (as she has many times) that she hates him and she said if I go missing with him again she can’t be my friend anymore. I know the obvious answer because he did hit me and this is the affect of his actions. But I just can’t imagine I’m going away for 8 years... that sounds so lonely... but my best friend means the world to me. I don't know somebody please tell me what to do or if anyone has any advice. PLEASE
  • Don’t go with him, he did it to himself and your best friend is right
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  • Don't go with him. I have almost made mistake of my life and ditch my friends family and pretty much everything what I have for him. It turned out he's not worth it. You will find your love who will treat you right and it's ok to be alone sometimes. When you are with yourself you're learning 'You and you're doing something with yourself. Follow your heart but don't forget about your gut. Good luck girl! Lots of love. -anna

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate seeing a response from someone who knows what I’m talking about ❤️

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  • The answer is get rid of this looser. Maybe it’s time for you to get a brain and be smart like your friend. She see that this guy is nothing more then a piece of shit. I don’t even know why you posted this.

    • Get a brain? Okay asshole I was just asking for advice. OBVIOUSLY I KNOW THE RIGHT ANSWER I SAID IT IN THERE. Why you even comment if you don’t care and don’t know why I posted lol. I just wanted to know what other people had to say because I can’t talk to her about it anymore and I can’t talk about it to my family. He hasn’t been abusive in a while. But you will never understand that type of relationship until you have been in it. Don’t think you really needed to attack me on my post asking for help and advise. Take your anonymous comment and shove it up your ass.

    • I’m trying to make you see that this is serious. No one should be with anyone that hurts you. That’s crazy. Next time he could kill you.

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  • you're best friend is being the best friend she could be right now. Please dont go back to him. He WILL abuse you more. Trust your friend and your mom.

    • Ooh also he will try to separate you from everyone who knows you and would help you. So you wouldn't be just letting go of your best friend but also eveyone you love.

  • Fuck this guy. Get a restraining order and a gun incase he comes back around. Just the fact that he hit your mom nd you is enough for me someone you dont even know to want to smash this guys head in

  • He sounds like a total mong don't go with him please i know girls that have been there just follow yourself and let him do his thing somewhere else.

  • I bet he is lot older than you as well, right?

    • He’s one year older

    • I see.
      He still sounds like a creep and if you do go with him I'm afraid he will get more violent.

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