Girls, Why did she look at me this way and why does she do these things ☺ ?

Me and a girl would always look at each other. Some of the time she was nervous and shy and others confident to stare. But I knew she was introverted as she's quiet with people
. One time she made extra effort to look good and was really nervous around me whilst waiting to print. She was fidgety and tried to sneak a look but looked away quickly. And she got jealous and avoided looking at me bevause I spoke to another girl. And didn't approach her.

2 weeks later I approached and she was quiet , shy and nervous. But still nice like wish me happy birthday and laughed at my jokes but not make eye contact instead looked me out the corner if her eyes up and down which she seemed happy around her friends after it. So I approached a few more times hoping she break out of her shell. . But she keeps giggling at things I do like putting her rubbish in the bin , talking to her friends about me all the time. Keeps looking at me in class. if she sees me looking. And secretely talking about me.

I compliment her and try to break her out if shyness she still quiet. So I stepped it up and complimented her 3 times in a row despite being nervous. but she was still very quiet and diesnt ask me questions.. so I was left her and wished her good luck and walked off to class and again she , talking to her friebds about me etc and all if a student energetic and I looked at her confused and she stares at me

The week after I stopped talking to her and didn't approach due to being busy with assignments. I normally talk with her friends and her but couldn't on that day. But when I passed her friends was staring at me a lot more? .. and later in the day i seen her. She Made lots of effort to look nice again. she kept sneaking glances when I wasn't looking and when I spoke to my friend she gave me a really sad look and looked in my eyes and looked away slowly. .
get confused why she was nervous and then confident. But then really quiet and never asks me questions and twirling her hair to not making eye contact. . But when i leave all of a sudden she's talking about me and I look back confused she stared at me..

But then she made loads of effort to look nice when she saw me. But I didn't talk to and her friends stared and she kept sneaking glances when I returned books and I faced her she looked at me in the eyes with a

Sad face and then continued studying on laptop. . Normally I do talk to her but I don't know if she likes me and why she done that. . Or does those things


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  • She liked or still likes you and cares what you think of her


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