He didn't get me a Christmas present?

We have been talking/dating for 1.5 years. He's 25 and I'm 19. For my birthday he got me a really nice eyeshadow palette and then for his birthday I made him a really nice painting. Around Christmas time we were kinda fighting but I still worked really hard on a painting of his dog for him, got him a shirt and underwear in his favorite brand. I also made him cookies. He didn't get me anything. I know it's February but it still lowkey bothers me that he never got me anything for Christmas. I also know that he's always really busy with all his jobs. We are fine now but is it a huge deal that he didn't get me anything?


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  • I mean thats entirely up to you it obviously bugs you but you have to remember does a gift necessarily reflect how someone feels? Not really but they are an adative to that feeling. I get the same way but its pretty petty in my opinion

    • It just makes me sad because since I care about him, I put a lot of effort and money in to a gift for him because I wanted to make him happy. It just kinda hurts that he didn't do anything for me..

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    • I just casually mentioned to him today how my sister is just now getting me a Christmas present over a month later. And then I said how it made me lowkey sad since I got her a ton of stuff and he said "Yeah some people just aren't as thoughtful but you're a really caring person and it's a great quality you have!" ... so did it go right over his head with the fact that he didn't get me anything either?

    • Yeh it probs streaked his mind or went over him because you werent talking about him haha. Noow its gunna be even more awkward.

  • It is something that happens a lot does he believe in Christmas


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