Uninterested or playing hard to get (I would love to hear your opinions)?

Okay, so there is this girl who I came to know has a crush on me. We started texting and talking quite a bit. She is in my chemistry class also. I always felt a slight flirty-ness in her texts. We have prom in about a week (yes, we have prom in February) and neither of us have dates. She asked me many times (like 3) if i had a date and i should surely ask someone out soon ( she also mentioned she was lonely and didn't get a date yet and the guy she wants to ask her didn't ask her). I understood her cues but wasn't very sure so i didn't make a move. But when i told my friends about it they told me she was very interested in me asking her out so i behaved like i was kinda uninterested I asked her out (sort of) and she told she had never thought about it and changed topic (IDK if she wanted me to go back to that topic, but i didn't). Then that night she sees my goodbye message, doesn't reply and blocks my account. Its been almost a day but she still hasn't done any thing.
Does this mean she is uninterested in me or is she playing hard to get now?


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  • WTF! There is one rule to succeed in talking with crush. Never fucking act like you are uninterested. This just drives them away.


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  • that's wired doh it cud be both


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